Lady cries out for help today as she narrates how she was deceived by a friend she met online.In her words, she said; “Good morning uncle Ben please I need advice. I met a guy online and decided to go visit him which I’m here in Ogun state. This guy lied to me about staying in Lagos Ikeja but Ben he stays in Ogun state in one small room, he even cooks inside the one room, everywhere is just smelling, even my room in Abuja is bigger and neater than this. Now I told him I want to go back but he refused to give me transport saying he is broke he doesn’t have money. Since I came, I have been eating yam for the past 3 days now only yam and the yam has finished. Please I need help and advice please. I’m in Sango Bridge sugar, I’m really tired of staying, I want to go back home please I need advice. He said he stays in safe contain in Ikeja. I have never been to Lagos before, it was my first time. I didn’t even know I’m in Ogun state until people started saying I’m in Ogun not lagos. I thought I’m coming to lag to have fun after all he promised me ooooo. I didn’t know I’m coming to suffer”See below for more pictures

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